Skyrim: Dragonborn Hits Xbox Tomorrow, PC and PS3 Next Year

Bethesda released the following statement earlier today regarding the upcomign Skyrim DLC, Dragonborn:

We’re less than 24 hours away from unleashing Skyrim’s next add-on Dragonborn on Xbox LIVE.  It’s one of our most ambitious add-ons ever and we’re excited for everyone to play it.

We’re also happy to announce Dragonborn will be available on PS3 and PC early next year.

The support from Skyrim fans over the last year has been amazing, and it’s driven us to support Skyrim more than any game we’ve ever released – including free content updates, modding tools like the Creation Kit and the Skyrim Workshop (Steam), and our add-ons, Dawnguard and Hearthfire.

Details have leaked ahead of release of this DLC (Warning: Potential Spoilers Ahead). A beta tester for the content has revealed details on the content, including confirmation that dragons will be rideable in the expansion.The Dragonborn expansion will reportedly begin players coming under attack from Cultists of Miraak. Once players have defeated the enemies, they will find a note that reveals who the attackers were and where they came from. You will then find their boat docked at Windhelm and head to Solstheim to continue their adventure.

Ten new achievements worth 250 Gamerscore will be available in the content. New shouts include Cyclone, Dragon Riding, Bend Will, Dragon Aspect, and Battle Fury will also be brought in. Additional creatures added to Skyrim through the Dragonborn expansion include Werebears, Lurkers, Ash Spawn, Rieklings, The Morag Tony, serpent-like creatures, and new dragon types.

New weapons and armor up for grabs in the Dragonborn expansion include Deathbrand Armor, Boneold Armor, Chitin Armor, Carved Nordic weapons and armor, Spears, and Robes. Players can also make use of new spells in the content, some of which are Poison Rune, Ash Shell, Waterwalking, and Whirlwind Cloak.

Dragonborn will cost $20.