Six Months After Release, The PS Vita Is Still Struggling

In some news that will likely surprise no-one, Sony's latest handheld console is still struggling to meet sales targets six months after it's release, at least if news coming of Japan is anything to go by.

Despite an initially successful launch week of 300,000 units sold, the console has since slumped to around 10,000 units a week, culminating in around 790,633 units sold as of July 7th. Bear in mind that over a third of those were sold within the first week alone.

Without the sales figures from either America or Europe readily at hand, it is difficult to corroberate these figures with worldwide sales. However, Song has been traditionally more successful in it's home country than abroad, so if this trend is accurate then Sony may be in a spot of bother.

Going on colloquial evidence, I still have yet to see or hear of anyone here in Ireland using one. Is this a rejection of Sony in specific, or of handheld consoles in general? We'll just have to wait and see what the Christmas season will bring. If Sony want to see this thing through, a price drop and the release of some proper triple-A titles can't exatly hurt.