Simpsons: Tapped Out - Treehouse of Horror XXIII Update

In The Simpsons: Tapped Out, Springfield is destroyed by a nuclear explosion. You can read our full review here! In the just-released Halloween update, it gets infested with zombies, zombie pets and other ghoulish additions. This place just can't catch a break, can it? But if it could, it wouldn't be half as entertaining! The 51MB update, released today, adds a raft of halloween-themed content for October. 

In this Halloween-themed bundle, there are spooky new characters (Flanders has turned into the Devil, for example), buildings, and quests. The idea is that with Halloween around the corner, you should build the Cemetary - for free, mind you - so that the dead bodies have someplace to go. The Cemetery immediately starts sprouting Zombies (ten of them every 10 hours), and as Lisa says, zombies need to be killed, and "the best method is squishing them with an enormous sky-finger"

There's also a bunch of new collectibles for you to find, such as artefacts (that uncover the secrets of the Mayan Calendar), toilet paper, and eggs (to splatter other players' creations with). The candy can be used to buy halloween-specific limited time items from the building and decorations stores, which means you do not need to waste your precious dollars on the temporary "limited time" offers. You can get jack-o-lanterns, spooky trees , mausoleums and other things for in-game currency, but as they are temporary it seems unwise.

The mysterious Mayan artefacts make a Mayan calendar, but we're not sure if that will mean the end of the Simpson's world... you know.. again.. it was just blown up, after all! Apparently, the in-game calendar is a plug for the US Oct 7 episode of the show.

If you don't squish the zombies the moment they arise from the grave, they go roaming around town and if they catch up with Springfield residents, they turn them temporarily into Zombies. You can cure them by tapping them, though. Don't panic!

Similarly amusing is the ability to send the Springfield kids out Trick-or-Treating. Lisa dresses as a witch, Bart as Frankenstein, and Martin as a fairy. In a nice bit of transmedia marketing, the upcoming The Simpsons TV episode Treehouse of Horror XXIII will apparently provide clues to unlocking a new outfit for Homer and 10 free doughnuts.