Resistance developers Isomniac working on Fuse

Developers of moderatly successful PS3 shooter franchise Resistance: Fall of Man Insomniac have confirmed that they are at work on a new shooter game entitled Fuse.

Fuse, as noted by the internet at large, bears a large resemblence to Insomniac's previously announced shooter Overstrike, which was announced at E3 2011 and promptly dropped of the face of the earth. Insomniac have now confirmed that speculation, after a fashion.

Fuse is indeed an evolution of Overstrike, but one that uses only the bones of it's previous incarnation. Fuse will be much more serious than the orignal slapstick-like Overstike, with the game's protagonists losing their cartoony look in favour of a more realistic approach. Insomniac have stated that, as they are no longer persuing a lower age rating, they are free to make their trademark insane weaponry even more punchy and visceral.

Expect this display of pyrotechnic insanity sometime next March.