Quantic Dream Registers "Singularity" on PS4

Quantic Dream has registered the domain singularityps4.com, strongly hinting at the title for the studio's first next generation PlayStation game.

In the past, Quantic Dream's domains such a sheavyrainps3.com and beyondps3.com which noted the studio's game titles followed by their platform. This suggests that Quantic Dream is planning to make a game called Singularity for the PlayStation 4. 

The name Singularity is also rather interesting, given that Quantic Dream founder David Cage has admitted the impressive Kara tech demo was strongly influenced by Ray Kurzweil's recent sci-fi book "The Singularity is Near" which examines themes of man and machine. Cage also hasn't ruled out expanding the Kara demo into a full game.

Of course, Singularity is already the title of a recent first-person shooter by Raven Software and Activision currently holds the trademark for the title in multiple territories. But, of course, this is easy to get around by adding a simple subtitle.