Portal 2's Wheatley is in Spaaaaaaace!

Thanks to an anonymous tech at NASA, Wheatley is actually in space. Even though the quote is technically from Core 1, we'll let it slide! In late July, the Japanese HTV-3 resupply craft to the ISS will launched the above panel into space. Valve had this to say:

"Though mankind will surely regret giving Wheatley a celestial perch to plot his next move, we here at Valve are mostly just impressed with NASA's bold, unprecedented resupply craft numbering scheme. And please note that when we mentioned an "anonymous tech at NASA" we weren't kidding: NASA in no way officially endorses secretly laser-engraving characters from Portal onto their spacecraft. Believe it or not, they don't even officially endorse Portal 2, despite the fact that it's a really excellent game."

Good old Valve have once again crossed the boundies of time and space, only this time they did it in real life!