Popcap Teams Up With ADA to stop Zombie Mouth

PopCap has teamed up with the ADA this Halloween to redefine what makes a Halloween treat. Instead of giving away candy, EA are giving our employees and fans the chance to give away free Plants vs. Zombies downloads as a sugar free alternative.

Local dentists, EA and PopCap employees will be armed with collectable Plants vs Zombies trading cards with download codes. Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease of childhood - over 16 million US children have untreated tooth decay. The average American consumes about 24 lbs of candy per year and for kids, the largest amount is on Halloween.

It might be too late for the Zombies to fix their teeth - but it's not too late for you to join the ADA and PopCap! You can download and print your own trading cards to hand out this Halloween instead of sugary candy. 

Check out www.stopzombiemouth.com for trading cards, to find a local dentist, get tips for a healthy mouth and even take the Zombie Mouth Quiz to find out how much you know about candy and zombies.