All Pokémon Locations on Google Maps


As part of April Fools, Google Maps has received an update which has put 150 Pokémon on Google Maps. You can actually capture these by going to the set locations and tapping on them. You then click the capture button in the bottom of the screen and congratulations, you're a Pokémon trainer.

Please keep in mind that you can only do this from your mobile device!

  1. Absol at F.D.R. Golf Club

  2. Aegislash at Montevideo

  3. Aggron at National Food Authority, Manila

  4. Ampharos East of Pokelab (click Search, then click return to Pokelab)
  5. Audino is near Charing Cross Road, London
  6. Banette at Milan
  7. Bayleef North of Pokelab (click Search, then click return to Pokelab)
  8. Beautifly is at Puerto Ayora, Ecuador  (Northeast of Pokemon Lab building)

  9. Blastoise at Galapagos - Isla Santa Cruz (East Coast) - zoom in really close to the water
  10. Blaziken North of Tokyo Tower
  11. Braixen at Diamond Head, Honolulu
  12. Buizel at Charleston Slough, Mountain View (zoom 500ft)

  13. Bulbasaur at West of Googleplex
  14. Buneary is at the Statue of Liberty
  15. Bunnelby at West of Roppongi
  16. Chandelure at Tower of London
  17. Charmander at Sydney Observetory
  18. Charmeleon at Isla Fernandina (Zoom in really close on the North Western part of the mountain)
  19. Charizard at Mount Yasur

  20. Chatot just west of the Sydney Opera House
  21. Chesnaught at Bird Safari Regent's Park, London
  22. Chespin at Kuritsu Kashinomiya Park
  23. Chikorita at Bedwell Bayfront Park

  24. Chimchar at Mount Kilimanjaro alpine service

  25. Cofagrigus at Bran Castle, Bran

  26. Combee East of Parliament of New South Wales
  27. Combusken at far north of Mt. St. Helens

  28. Croagunk at East of Parliament of New South Wales
  29. Croconaw at Lake Lagunita

  30. Cubchoo at The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise (In Lake)

  31. Cyndaquil at Sakurajima, Kagoshima, Japan (East of Mt. Ontake, in the cloud, zoom)

  32. Dedenne at Nintendo Japan

  33. Deerling at Roppongi
  34. Delphox at Saitama
  35. Dewott at Niagara Falls
  36. Donphan at The Alamo
  37. Dragonite is at the Pokémon Company, Seattle
  38. Eevee at Yankee Stadium
  39. Emboar at Odessa Meteor Crater, TX, USA
  40. Emolga West of Pokelab (click Search, then click return to Pokelab)
  41. Emopoleon at Sutro Baths, San Francisco

  42. Espeon at South East of CERN
  43. Fennekin at Ushuaia
  44. Feraligatr at Pulu Blan Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  45. Ferrothorn at Asukayama Park, Tokyo

  46. Flareon - Sydney (Kirby Walk)
  47. Froakie at South Charles Darwin Research Station
  48. Frogadier at The Bellagio
  49. Garchomp at East Great Wall
  50. Gengar is at the Nelson Atkins
  51. Glaceon - Mount Everest
  52. Gogoat at Minato Park, Chiba
  53. Goodra near Luxembourg Gardens
  54. Greninja at West of The Alamo
  55. Grotle at Kasairinkaikoen Station

  56. Grovyle at far South of Sydney Observatory
  57. Gyrados at Tel Aviv, Isreal
  58. Haxorus at Taronga Zoo Sydney

  59. Helioptile is at the Eiffel Tower, Paris
  60. Heracross at Ulaanbaatar

  61. HootHoot at JFK International Airport
  62. Hydreigon at Louvre Museum
  63. Infernape is North of Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto
  64. Inkay at East of Sydney Observatory
  65. Ivysaur at Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco

  66. Jigglypuff at South of Sydney Observatory
  67. Jolteon at Spasskaya Tower
  68. Joltik - Googleplex
  69. Kecleon at the Stadium Santiago Bernabeu
  70. Kirlia at North-West of Area 51, Nevada
  71. Lapras at Lake Mendota (Zoom in)
  72. Leafeon at Setagaya Park, Tokyo

  73. Lotad South West of Three Palace Sanctuaries Tokyo
  74. Lucario at Shibuya station
  75. Luxray and two others at Googleplex in Mountain View, California
  76. Mamoswine at Whistler Mountain, BC (South)

  77. Marill at Crater Lake

  78. Marshtomp at Little Manly Cove

  79. Mawile at the Palace of Versailles
  80. Meganium at the White House
  81. Meowstic (Female) and Helioptile at 1 Infinite Loop
  82. Meowstic (Male) is at South St. John's Smith Square in London
  83. Meowth at Sydney Observatory
  84. Metagross at South of Pokelab (click Search, then click return to Pokelab)
  85. Minccino at Saint-Gervais Church, Paris

  86. Milotic South West of Kyuinao Shrine, Tokyo
  87. Miltank at Arc de Triomphe, Paris

  88. Minun at Google San Francisco

  89. Monferno - East of Nagashio Hospital

  90. Mudkip at North Johnstons Creek East Path
  91. Munchlax at the Empire State Building, New York City
  92. Munna at West Vauxhall Station in London
  93. Noivern in Oslo, Norway
  94. Oshawott in Singapore Bay
  95. Pachirisu in Bletchley Park
  96. Pancham at Bran Castle, Bran
  97. Pichu at CERN Building 868
  98. Pidgey is in Toronto at the CN Tower
  99. Pidove at Anchorage Airport (west of marker, on lower runway)

  100. Pignite at Meteor Crater, AZ, USA

  101. Pikachu is over at Tokyo Tower, Tokyo
  102. Piplup at South Basin, San Francisco

  103. Plusle- McMurdo Station, Antartica
  104. Porygon - Copacabana
  105. Prinplup at North Basin, San Francisco

  106. Psyduck at Pike Place
  107. Pumpkaboo is at Red Square, Moscow
  108. Quilava at Monaco

  109. Quilladin at Boronia Park South Wales

  110. Raichu at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans.
  111. Rotom at Rockefeller Center, New York City
  112. Sableye near La Fayette, Paris
  113. Salamance at 16th Street and 8th Ave in New York City
  114. Samurott at East of Sydney Observatory
  115. Sceptile at Cocos Island, Puntarenas

  116. Scizor at North of Austin
  117. Scraggy at Alcatraz

  118. Serperior at Central Park
  119. Servine at Royal Observatory Greenwich, UK

  120. Snivy at Rockefeller Garden, Jerusalem

  121. Snorlax at The Vatican
  122. Spiritomb at Catacombs de Paris

  123. Spritzee at the Ghibli museum
  124. Squirtly at Grand Hyatt Tokyo
  125. Staraptor is at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
  126. Steelix at Germantown, Ann Arbor

  127. Stunfisk is at Marchena on Galápagos Islands (Zoom In Really Close)
  128. Sudowoodo is at Pinta on Galápagos Islands (Zoom In Really Close)
  129. Swampert at Alan Davidson Oval (south east)

  130. Swirlix at West of Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin
  131. Sylveon at Central Park
  132. Taillow at Kathmandu
  133. Talonflame Far East of the Grand Hyatt Tokyo
  134. Tepig at Bordeaux, France

  135. Togepi at Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
  136. Torchic is at mount Vesuvius
  137. Torterra Far South of the Grand Hyatt Tokyo
  138. Totodile is in the Hoover Dam
  139. Treecko at Gas Works Park

  140. Turtwig at Parque Nacional do Jaú  (2 mile zoom)

  141. Typhlosion - Krakatoa, Indonesia

  142. Tyranitar is at Pompeii, Italy
  143. Umbreon at Amazon Theatre, Brazil

  144. Unown at West of Area 51, Nevada
  145. Vaporeon - The Palm Jumeira
  146. Venusaur at Alberta Legislature
  147. Wailord at The Little Mermaid, Denmark

  148. Wartortle North of Coloseum in Rome
  149. Wobbuffet in Glasgow
  150. Zoroark at Hotel Andreas Tulum (South of Marker)