PlayStation Abandons DuelShock Controllers

A new report is suggesting that Sony will ditch the DualShock controller for the PS4 and instead create a new one possibly containing a LCD touch screen and biometrics.

Biometrics technology captures data from the player's body, such as temperature and heart rate. Valve has been experimenting with the tech, trying to discover new game experiences that would benefit from it. A second source explained that Sony was supposedly trying to emulate the UI philosophies behind the Vita, and this is what inspired the touch screen implimentation to the new controller. The Vita has a touchscreen on the front and a touch panel on the rear, which some games use as an alternative to the conventional control methods.

Many of the controllers currently being tested by Sony's R&D (Research and Development) department mark a rapid departure from the DualShock. Sony will be looking to further integrate its handheld devices with the main hub of a next generation machine. At present, only some games feature cross-platform play between the PS Vita and PS3.