Penguin Party Hits PS Vita for Free


The guys over at XMPT Games have released their first official title, Penguin Party. Penguin Party is an animated and light-hearted puzzle game for those that like an intellectual challenge. Carefully place your supply of arrows to guide the penguins from their igloos to the goal. It's one thing to get all of your penguins to the end safely, but the real challenge comes from working out how to pick up all of the lost items on the way. 

Penguin Party is constantly evolving and every holiday gives the penguins additional conundrums to overcome and more reasons to celebrate. You can download Penguin Party for free and play through the “Birthday Party” world, which comes with plenty of mind-boggling levels. New maps pack will be released regularly throughout the year and each map pack features a visually unique theme and some brand new puzzles for free, plus a whole host of extra puzzles available to purchase. Every world brings with it different arrow types and obstacles, as well as exciting new ways to solve the puzzles that lie within.
— XMPT Games

The game itself can be downloaded for free from the Playstation Mobile (PSM) tab in the Playstation store using a Playstation Vita or Playstation certified mobile device. You can check out their website (by clicking here) for more information on the game, and the studio. You can also check out their Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date! As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!