Painkiller: Hell & Damnation ‘Medieval Horror’ DLC hits Steam

Painkiller Hell & Damnation DLC, Medieval Horror, is out today for PC, Nordic Games has announced. The DLC pack introduces new boss battles against the White Demon and Assassin Greed who was named in remembrance of an assassin, John P. Greed.

In addition, the DLC expands upon it's Survival mode,. Players are now able to progress through a map in the same way they would in campaign mode while playing co-op. Commenting on the pack, Reinhard Pollice, production and business development manager at Nordic Games said:

“We wanted to intensify the hellish experience for players and the Medieval pack certainly does that. The PC fans cannot get enough of the pain and are always asking us for more, so we wanted to give them exactly what they want.”

Medieval Horror DLC features include: 

  • Expansion of the Survival mode
  • New Survival mode: Boss Audience
  • New boss and multiplayer skin: White Demon
  • New enemy and multiplayer skin: Assassin Greed
  • Environmental Weapon: Parcel Gun
  • New Tarrot Card: Fear
  • 1 brand-new multiplayer map called Inhumator
  • 3 popular multiplayer maps (Psycho, Illuminati, Chaos) remade to the HD versions and also available in classic mode

You can get your DLC pack on Steam for £3.49 ($3.99, €3.99) right now.