OUYA Confirms March release in UK

OUYA, the $99 Android games console that started dev shipping in the US at the very end of last year, will be available in the UK from March. 

The final price of the Ouya is also reported to be £99, which is more expensive than the console's US price of $99 (about £61/€75). The device raised $8.6 million from Kickstarter last year, making it one of the most successful crowdfunded projects to date, which fed in to the publicity of the device.

It now seems the money they raised in fund raising will go partly towards developing upgraded devices. The 3D version will offer stereoscopic gaming on a compatible 3DTV.

Currently, the OUYA website says pre-orders will ship in April, but it seems there will be enough stock to get them into customers' hands sooner. Order on their website to recieve an OUYA including a games controller.