NRA Releases Virtual Practice Range via iOS App Store

In hopes of teaching “safe and responsible” gun ownership, the NRA presents “fun challenges and realistic simulations” with “true-to-life firearms” on virtual shooting ranges, The National Rifle Association has launched NRA: Practice Range via the iOS App Store. The game lets players practice skeet shooting and a variety of other shooting minigames. Besides keeping users up to date on what's going on with the rifle association, the app also includes a 3D shooting game that immerses users into a fictitious setting.

The game, created with MEDL Mobile, appears to primarily be a promotional/advertising tool for the gun ownership organization. It's available free-of-charge and includes links to NRA news, gun safety resources, information on gun laws and local hunting seasons and more. The launch is puzzling, given that under one month ago the NRA blamed violent entertainment for the recent rash of shooting violence.

A week after the Newtown shooting, the NRA blamed the media and the escalating violence in films and video games for the increased gun violence and mass shootings. NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre blasted the media industry:

“They have the nerve to call it ‘entertainment.’ But is that what it really is? Isn’t fantasizing about killing people as a way to get your kicks really the filthiest form of pornography? In a race to the bottom, media conglomerates compete with one another to shock, violate and offend every standard of civilized society by bringing an ever-more-toxic mix of reckless behavior and criminal cruelty into our homes—every minute of every day of every month of every year.”