Norweigan Armed Forces Use Oculus Rift to 'See Through Tank'

The Norwegian Armed Forces are currently field testing the Oculus Rift with their armoured tanks. So far, drivers are able to effectively see through the body of a tank thanks to a combination of mounted cameras on the tank and wearing the Oculus Rift.

Usually, inside a tank with the hatch closed, tank drivers have a difficult time navigating. However, with the cameras mounted on the sides of a tank and the use of the Oculus Rift, drivers can get a 360-degree video feed of the surroundings to essentially see through the tank's armored body, making it far easier to get a visual of the surroundings, aim and target. Software wraps the spherical views from the cameras back to a normal view. Drivers with the Oculus Rift are able to see 185 degrees from each side of the vehicle and can look straight down in front of the vehicle.

Those who play Battlefield can see much better than you do in an actual vehicle. With our software you can add elements we are used to from games.
— Software engineer Daniel Ervik

Eye strain makes driving with the Oculus Rift too difficult for regular use and travel over long distances, but it could be used in combat scenarios when the hatch to the tank must be kept shut. When not in dangerous situations, drivers prefer to keep the hatch open, which means they don't require the use of the Oculus Rift.