Next Skyrim DLC Could Be Set in Hammerfell

Recently Bethesda has today announced via Twitter that it's not finished with DLC for Skyrim just yet. Pete Hines recently tweeted:

"We think Dragonborn is our best add-on for Skyrim yet, and we didn’t want fans to wait long for it, so that’s our current focusAs far as other DLCs, we’re not done working on Skyrim content. We’ll let everyone know when we have new details/info to share."

The shape that DLC will take is unclear, but with ZeniMax's (Bethesda's parent company) repeated extension of the 'Redguard' trademark, there's a possibility that the next add-on could be heading to south-western border of Hammerfell, where the Redguard warriors hail from. Redguards are a race of humans that hail from the province of Hammerfell. They are known to be extremely quick and agile, and are excellent in all arts concerning blade and shield. They are descended from a long line of warriors and mystic seers.

A Statement of Use has yet to be filed for the trademark in question, but given the fact that ZeniMax has extended the trademark - first filed in March 2011 - most recently in August 2012, it means that Redguard could be the next chunk of Skyrim DLC. 

The trademark is making news now because it will expire in February 2013 if Zenimax does not declare a use for the title. With an impending expiration, rumours began circling that it will be announced as the title for Skyrim's next expansion.

There is a map below to give you a rough idea of the layout. Will Bethesda eventually offer up the whole map as DLC? Only time, and our bank accounts, will tell. I'm starting to feel like Bethesda has a personal vendetta with all of my money.