New Game Aims to Help People in Abusive Relationships

Vander Caballero Ex Creative Director over at EA has worked on many games in the past, including Army of Two. One of his latest games called Papa & Yo is based on his and his sister’s childhood. The interesting thing is this game is based around his abusive father and the relationship he had with him.

Vanders sister, Magadly, has admitted that she hasn’t been able to play the game fully, as the memories that it brings back of her childhood are very tough.

"I felt deeply uncomfortable, even though I was happy that Vander did the game. It was really hard for me to remember those memories. When the Monster eats a frog [which send him into violent rampages], I felt terror and anguish."

Vander openly admits that the monster is based on his father and that the rampages describe his violent tendencies as a result from his father’s alcoholism. Magadly hopes that this game might help other in similar situations and might raise awareness for other who might need help

Papa & Yo is a Playstation 3 exclusive and is available on the PSN for download. If you want to play one of the most interesting games you should check this out.