New DOOM Reboot Confirmed at E3

DOOM is back, and it’s bigger and more brutal than ever. Due in the spring of 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, this reboot of the iconic first-person shooter shows off some incredibly satisfying demon dismemberment, robust multiplayer options and a new creation tool that lets players build the maps and game modes of their dreams. Bethesda has once again delivered an incredible game right to our console.

Based on the gameplay demo showcased on stage at E3 2015, DOOM is shaping up to deliver some fast paced monster smashing action. The clip started out in single-player mode, as the player character is seen putting on the iconic green space marine helmet that has defined Doom’s protagonist. As in prior games, this new take on DOOM forces you into an eerie space station on Mars, as you’ll rip apart a bunch of demons with some really cool weapons – as well as your bare hands.

Thanks to the game’s physics engine the attention to detail is incredible. The game looks simply gorgeous running on id Software's idTech 6 engine, from the molten lava oozing down the game's backdrops to the painstakingly detailed gore effects. 

Signature DOOM weapons such as the shotgun and plasma rifle make a return this time around, and blowing space monsters to bits with them looks more satisfying than ever. The game slows down a bit when you bring up the weapon selection wheel, giving you a few seconds to breathe while you decide on your next tool of destruction.

The reboot will have a wealth of arena multiplayer options such as Domination and Freeze Tag; it also appears to have modes that let you play as both space marines and deadly demons.

DOOM will also be the launch of SnapMap – a new creation tool that lets players create their own maps and game modes with a few simple snaps on a grid. Players will be able to share their SnapMap creations with others, regardless of the platform they’re on. 

Check out the E3 Gameplay Trailer below and prepare yourself for some intense action. Doom is set to release Spring 2016.