Motorola Phones Banned!

It seems that no one is safe in today’s technology market. Following Apple Vs Samsung’s ruling. Motorla has lost its bout with Mircosoft. Again it seems that EU judges are making the hash call to ban some of Motorla phones for sale in Germany, most notably the RAZR line.

The dispute is over Microsoft’s claims that Motorola were infringing their patent for FAT, a storage file system architecture. After a lengthy trail the Mannheim Regional Court has sided with Microsoft and will ban the sale of Motorola Mobility Smartphone’s.

Worryingly it has been reported that over 70 percent of Android phones use patented Microsoft technology, which could spell further headaches for other manufactures and not just affect them in various countries, but Worldwide.

Motorola will need to find another internal storage method if they want to get things back on track. Banning the sale of all phones in one country isn’t the end of the world, but it doesn’t look great of a company and in the current climate every little helps

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