Monkey Island Insult Sword fighting Free

Arguably classic adventure game series Monkey Island's most well known bit involved a quip-based spin on combat in which you fought malevolent scallywags with your rapier wit rather than your, well, rapier. Now the infamous insult swordfighting can be relived for free in browser form thanks to dedicated modder Karza. 

To anyone who lived under a rock on a planet in a different solar system during the 90s, the swordfights in Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer's comedy gaming classic weren't won on strength or dexterity, they were won on wits. Throw a good enough insult, and your opponent will have no choice but to retreat and eventually surrender. And what do you know, you can now play all of the series' "insult swordfighting" right in your browser.

It's a rather simple match game at heart, but the banter is genuinely clever and much of the game is just training for the final boss where it's revealed that every response has a double meaning that needs to be paired with an all new set of puns.

It's really quite elegant. And now you can live (or relive) all those classic swordfights in your browser today.