Minecraft Pocket Edition Update

Minecraft Pocket Edition is getting an update that will bring the portable edition more in line with the current PC and Xbox editions. This Update is being called a 'Major Release' from Mojang and its no wonder why. To start this update will include Creepers, one of the most iconic enemy's of the game.

Other items include:-

  • Chests for storage
  • Beds
  • Avatars can now eat to replenish their health.
  • TNT
  • Peaceful game options
  • Trapdoors
  • Moss stone
  • Redstone ore
  • Days are now longer

This update follows the last one which brought Skeletons and Spiders, as well as Bows and arrows. The Portable Edition is very close to the current Xbox edition. Next on our wishlists is the inclusion of pistons and maybe some way of integrating your worlds across all devices, Wouldn't that be amazing.