Minecraft 1.5 Update

Thankfully for those who have been waiting for a new update to hit Minecraft, Update 1.5 is on its way with new features and blocks. Oh, and it’ll all be available in January.

Minecraft 1.5, titled the "Redstone Update", significantly changes the gameplay elements of redstone, an element in Minecraft that is used to design puzzles, machines, and masterful creations of all varieties. Specifically, the update adds variable strengths to redstone signal, introduces a new capacitor block that allows for one input and one output, and even two new items in the form of weighted pressure plates and pressure-sensitive detector rails. There’s also going to be daylight detectors that hook up to capacitors to create energy-consuming solar panels.

There is also going to be improved minecarts. Special minecart tracks that eject livestock when they step onto the rails, as well as a feature to link multiple minecarts together. 

There is also new ore that can be gathered from the Nether region to power capacitors, as well as fireworks for proper celebrations of New Year’s Eve. Whether this indicates that the update will be ready on New Year’s Eve remains to be seen.

Mojang has also spent ample time fixing bugs, as most developers do with a title update. The biggest bug among these is the well-exploited south-east rule, which is a glitch that causes items to spawn predominantly in the south-east quadrant of a map. This is on the chopping block, so wave goodbye to any exploits on this rule you might have taken advantage of.

The Minecraft 1.5 Redstone Update is the first in a series of feature-focused updates for the blocky builder. The plan is to launch one of these updates every two months to keep the content and creativity flowing in one of the best-selling games of all-time.

A few possible additions the studio is considering include a new dimension after defeating the end boss, improvements to the combat system, updates to the snow biome, and bags for saddled pigs, among others.