Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Story Trailer

WB Games has revealed a new story trailer for the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, a third-person action game set within the Lord of the Rings universe. You play as undead Ranger of Gondor and Guardian of the Black Gate, Talion, on a quest for vengeance after he and his family are brutally murdered by Sauron's Black Captains.

Raised from the dead by a vengeful Wraith, Talion inherits the power to bend the will of orcs and beasts to his own ends, granting him the opportunity to raise an army of Uruk to march against the dark lord Sauron at Mount Doom. You'll grow ever more powerful as your army grows and your abilities develop, as you gather runes and acquire new skills.

The game is set for release on October 7th worldwide. Check out the story trailer, below.