Microsoft Beta Testing web-based Xbox LIVE account region switching

Soon, you'll be able to migrate your Xbox Live account from one region to another, moving your Gamertag, achievements, MS Points balance and XBL subscription with it. However, Microsoft warns that certain region restricted content will not be transferred in some cases, meaning that apps including TV and movie services and Xbox Music passes cannot be moved, and no refunds will be issued for paid subscriptions. Our own Editor-in-Chief, Ken Seiler, had this to say:

I was quite fortunate in my move from Ireland to Norway that I didn't get hit with that many issues, and a few years back when I moved to Germany for several months, my xbox functioned just fine. But I have heard several issues from friends who moved outside Europe. They couldn't buy new games without ordering online, they couldn't buy MSP in store, it needed to be with credit card and so forth. It sounded like a pain in the ass, and I almost abandoned my Xbox whilst moving because of it. Thankfully, the gamer in me didn't allow it.

It's good to hear that Microsoft have taken this on board and are trying to make things easier for gamers. This is a great first step to finally moving away from the shackles of your region. Pretty soon, region restrictions will be a thing of the past.

The official Microsoft tool will make it simple to migrate entire accounts from one region to another. Once every three months it will be possible to migrate your gamer tag, Achievements, Microsoft Points and Xbox LIVE Gold subscription.

This tool will enable users to bypass having to call Microsoft's support line for help in transferring their Xbox Live accounts when moving to a new region, making the process easier and less problematic. Surely that can only be a good thing.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce the region migration tool, but expect Microsoft to officially unveil the service once it exits beta.