Live Action Playstation: All Stars Trailer - The References You May Have Missed

A new (amazing) live action trailer has come out for the new Playstation: All Stars game and it is filled to the top with amazing references! This live action trailer is made by the same people who made the "Michael" trailer (also amazing). The All-Star” contains an epic battle with four of the most iconic PlayStation characters. They've hidden references from each of the storied franchises featured in the game — and a few extras to keep you on your toes. We could have missed a few, or more than a few, so let us know in the comments and if it checks out then we will add it to the list and credit you for the find! 

0:05 - The alphabet on the keyboard is from Ratchet & Clank

0:07 - The Letter states "Dear Copernicus, We have recieved your letter and regret to inform you Captain...."

(Copernicus Leslie Qwark, known as Captain Qwark, or just Qwark, and later Galactic President Qwark, who had also gone under many aliases, was a fraudulent "superhero" from the Solana Galaxy. He was the secondary villain in Ratchet and Clank and the main villain in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando, but became a tritagonist and even an ally in later games)

0:09 - Behind the register it says "Sarui Get You" which may not look like much, but is actually a reference to Ape Escape. Sarui Get You is how you'd pronounce the Japanse title of Ape Escape

0:12 - The licence plate on the back of the Jeep is made in the language from Jak & Daxter (made by Naughty Dog) which says "Morgan" which is actually a reference to the creators of the game, Jason Rubin. Rubin had a dog called Morgan who was always at the Naughty Dog office until he passed away, so they did this to pay Homage to him. Morgan was referenced in Jak & Daxter when he passed away, this is where the licence plate reference comes from. 

0:13 - Beside "Sarui Get You" is a postcard from Limbo City from Devil May Cry. 

0:13 - The clock on the wall is a reference to the Playstation controller (Triangle, Circle, Square, X)

0:13 - Hanging above the office is the Heavenly sword that Nariko would wield, this is a reference to the game Heavenly Sword.

0:17 - Nathan Drake from Uncharted is in the Jeep

0:24 - Sly Coopers cane can be seen in the left corner, hanging on the gate.

0:25 - Skull key is a reference to MediEvil

0:29 - Cake is a reference to Fat Princess from the game of the same name

0:29 - Bullets are a reference to Radec from Killzone

0:29 - Ice Cream is a reference to Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal

0:29 - The red thing in the centre of the screen that comes in to focus is PaRappa the Rapper's hat

0:32 - The sword is Sweet Tooth's sword from Twisted Metal

0:35 - Gun in the left corned is a reference to Radec from Killzone 

0:35 - Footprints on the ground are a reference to Big Daddy from Bioshock

0:38 - Drake from Uncharted shows up again

0:41 - Sir Daniel Fortesque's sword from MediEvil

0:42 - Shows in bottom right corner are Heihachi's shoes from Tekken

0:42 - Above the shoes is a disciple of ChopChop Master Onion from PaRappa the Rapper

0:42 - Big Daddy's (Bioshock) footprints can be seen again

0:48 - Kratos from God of War

0:54 - Cole from Infamous

0:58 - Sackboy from Little Big Planet

1:36 - Eiffel Tower is a reference to Sly Cooper.... and France....

Just in case you haven't seen the Micheal trailer, here it is. You'll notice a lot of the same faces around the place. The man behind the bar in Micheal is the same man sweeping at 0:32 of the All Stars trailer and, of course, the receptionist is the same.