Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Release Window and Trailer

Square Enix announced has unveiled the release window of the Final Fantasy XIII-2 sequel, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

The upcoming RPG will be out this fall for PS3 and Xbox 360 and will be released worldwide. The final chapter in the FF XIII saga puts players in the shoes of protagonist Lightning as she slows down the impending end of the world that will happen after 13 days and help out the immortals in the city of Luxerion.

Square Enix has released yet another re-edited and 'extended' version of the debut trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The first extended cut was released in December 2012, just days after the debut original. Today version is extended further still, although only by a few seconds.

The game will feature a new game plus system and encourages multiple playthroughs as players are expected not to uncover everything in a single run. The game's combat will mimic a traditional action game, but will feature the implementation of the series' Active Time Battle system and paradigm shifts.

Finally, we also get to meet a new character called Lumina, who has been described as “a mysterious girl whose unpredictable nature wreaks havoc everywhere she goes.”. Mysterious, indeed!