Saints Row 4 Developer Walkthrough


A developer walkthrough of Saints Row 4 with Violation senior producer, Jim Boone, has been released. This game looks incredible, and I'm a huge fan of the Saints series, but this just looked like it should be DLC for Saints Row: The Third from my point of view.. until I saw this.

Boone takes us through several of Saint's Row 4's new additions including a dubstep gun, an inflator ray, a mech you can hop into, and new weapon upgrades and skins AND superpowers. Oh, and don't forget about the new enemy, the aliens.

Your character has become the president of the United States since the last game. Not much is revealed about the story and there are no spoilers in this video. This just gets me pumped for the game. I honestly cannot wait! I still play Saints Row: The Third as my "cheer me up" game when I have bad day. I have a feeling that is about to be replaced.

Saint's Row 4 launches on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in Europe on 23rd August and in North America on 20th August.