KJBcast (Podcast) is coming to an end

Sadly, it's true. In two week we will host our last podcast. We are hoping to make it a big event and involve all of you, so please join us in saying goodbye to the world! We ask you to send in your stories, your questions, your talking topics and/or your opinions. We want to hear from everyone! Get involved! Throw anything you like in the comments section, send it to our email (KJBcast@gmail.com), throw it on Facebook or hit us up on Twitter (@KJBcast). 

Do not worry though, the website will still be here giving you your gaming news, reviews, opinion and gossip daily. Thank you all for the support. We appreciate all the help that got us on the "Noteworthy" list on iTunes, and that got all our podcasts on popular at one point or another. We loved having you on this jouney with us and hopefully, when the time is right, we can continue. You can listen to our latest podcast at the link below and hopefully you will join us for our final podcast on Friday the 24th of August.

KJB for the win!