Killzone: Shadow Fall E3 Trailer


Developed by Guerrilla Games for PS4, Killzone: Shadow Fall is set thirty years after the events of the Killzone trilogy. The world of Killzone Shadow Fall is a very different place - forced together by circumstance, the two rival factions of the Helghast and the Vektans live side by side in a futuristic city, divided by a vast wall.

Tensions are high, and a war can spark at any moment. In the midst of this all stands a Shadow Marshall, the most special of the special forces, tasked with maintaining the delicate balance.

The trailer shows off more natural environments as opposed to the sprawling metropolis displayed in its reveal trailer back at the ‘Future of PlayStation‘ event. It also heavily focuses on exhibiting the abilities of a deployable drone of sorts, that can put up a shield, stun and shoot down enemies depending on your command.

Check out the video below and, as always, let us know your thoughts in the comments!