Killer is Dead Launch DLC Confirmed


Killer is Dead, the latest game from SUDA51, will initially ship with the Smooth Operator DLC pack, which provides players with additional content right at launch.

The pack includes tantalizing alternate costumes for Vivienne and Mika, as well as a bonus pair of in-game glasses that can help the main character, Mondo, with the ladies. The Smooth Operator pack also features a full-length, special bonus mission — aptly named “Episode 51″ — with a brand new target to execute, and the introduction of the high-class Betty. This episode will revolve around the enigmatic and vampiric Sebastian, whose sophisticated tastes are only rivalled by his high sense of style.

Launch copies of Killer is Dead will additionally be packaged with an 80-page, hardcover art book, and a soundtrack containing 25 songs. Killer is Dead launches on August 27th.