Keyboard and Mouse Confirmed for PlayStation 4

Hori plans to release an updated version of its PlayStation 3 mouse and keyboard controller for the PlayStation 4 this fall.

While keyboard and mouse compatibility is 'not far away' for Xbox One, Hori has now has a confirmed officially licensed peripheral that'll let you play on your console just like a PC gamer.

The Hori Tactical Assault Commander 4 has a keyboard complete with PS button and all your PlayStation staples and a USB linked mouse for that all important FPS accuracy. The TAC4 is priced at £86.35 and will be released on October 9th this year. 

Like the PS3 Tactical Assault Commander 3, the Tactical Assault Commander 4 delivers a wired mouse controller and a specially designed keyboard-like gamepad.

The pad features 18 buttons — including a PlayStation button, dedicated "walk", "share", "options", and "quick" buttons — and switches for multiple profiles. Four of the buttons are marked to be used as the W,A,S,and D on a keyboard. There's also an array of lights that denote the programming of the pad. The mouse connects to the pad with a USB plug.