Jobs Lost as a Result Microsoft Cancelling 2 Projects

Microsoft will stop developing its free-to-play flight simulator Microsoft Flight, which could be found on Steam. It has also scrapped Project Columbia, an un-announced Kinect game. 

The Facebook page of Vancouver innovation initiative "Can We Do It?" reported:

"We've just gotten word that the entire studio at Microsoft Games Studios on 840 Cambie has been laid off. 35 people in total. This is nuts. We'll update with more when we can."

In May last year, it was reported that the Microsoft Vancouver studio was involved in developing a big-budget AAA shooter for Kinect. The studio's website is still operational and even lists some job openings. 

Both games were being developed at Microsoft's Vancouver studio. Employees used social media to report on the cancellation of both games and highlight the job loss facing its staff. Initial reports stated that Microsoft had closed the entire studio but Microsoft has now confirmed that the studio will remain open but will operate at a reduced capacity. A Microsoft spokesperson said:

"Microsoft Studios has decided to end development on Microsoft Flight and Project Columbia. As a result of this action, some positions within the development teams have been eliminated. Microsoft human resources is working with the affected individuals to find new roles within the company."

"Microsoft Studios is invested in British Columbia and still has several teams, both in Vancouver and Victoria, which will continue to produce the best entertainment and gaming experiences possible."

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