Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Edition Released

Making a triumphant return 15 years after its initial launch, Heroes of Might & Magic III is one of the most popular titles in the Might & Magic series. Now you can return to the adventure (or set off for the first time) with Heroes of Might & Magic III – HD Edition. Thanks to the refined and upgraded graphics, you can now enjoy the experience on wide screens. The turn-based strategy game is available for you to download now on PC, as well as on iOS and Android tablets for the first time.

Explore the kingdom of Erathia and help Queen Catherine Ironfist unite her homeland. Conquer 48 skirmish maps and play through 7 campaign scenarios. Or, if you’re playing on the PC, head into the local multiplayer and take on your friends. Also for PC gamers, try out the map editor and share your experience with other fans of the franchise in the new Steam lobby.