Happy Wars - Free Multiplayer Mayhem!

Happy Wars is a multiplayer Arcade game that everyone can enjoy. With a cute, cartooney presentation and a variety of different classes, weapons and power-ups, it's a fun multiplayer brawl with up to 30 players battling for supremacy across a variety of different maps. It is now available FREE for all Gold members. 

Classes and Customization

The Warrior is your basic brawler, with a shield to deflect attacks. The Mage fires ranged attacks and can summon environmental attacks like hurricanes. The Cleric can heal other players and construct weapons for team members to use.

You can customize your character with a range of options including appearance, hair style, weapons, armor, shields, and other accessories. As you play through the campaign or multiplayer battles, you'll unlock even more cool accessories for your character.

If you really want to go all out, you can purchase Happy Tickets with Microsoft Points and redeem them for special weapons, armor, and other upgrades. You don't need to spend real dollars to build up your character, there are tons of upgrades to be unlocked by just leveling up your character and collecting star points. It's an option for players who don't mind dropping a few bucks for a cool weapon or helmet. FREEmium FTW.

Castle Crashing

There's a campaign mode (which you can also play co-op) that sends you off on a series of quests to rescue a kidnapped princess in a heavily defended castle, but the real action is in the multiplayer mode, which drops you into a big 15 vs. 15 battle fighting for supremacy across large and varied landscapes.

In general, as you fight your way across the battlefield you can construct respawn towers (and destroy those of the enemy) working your way to their castle stronghold. There are many ways across the map, and many weapons you can utilize. Perch behind a crossbow and take out enemies from afar, or join up for a combined assault of Warriors, Clerics and Mages against a heavily defended area.

Team Up for Victory

With a game this big, there are always a lot of randoms running about during the battles, but it helps if you have a core group that can band together for combined assaults, especially when trying to breach a castle. It's like watching a fairy tale come to life as the smoke of battle fills the air.

With bright and colorful characters, detailed environments, a deep leveling-up and ranking system, it's a great way to pass a few minutes (or a few hours) engaged in medieval melees.