Hands Up for Luca

Normally we are a gaming website, but when something hits us close to the heart, we feel the need to share it. 

This is a post to raise awareness for a pretty special little boy who needs support. We are raising awareness for four year old Luca, who is fighting complications of Meningococcal Septicaemia. Luca lost both his legs below the knee to the disease and will struggle through many surgeries in his lifetime.

Find out all the details here, or visit the page listed in the image below. The rest of the information below is directly from their page, so make sure you visit it and see what you can do. If you do write "For Luca" on your hand, make sure you mail it to us, too. We'll post in here on our page, too. KJBcast@gmail.com

For anyone who would like to help further please visit the official link to donate for Luca on his JustGiving page. You can also follow the Twitter account which supports the fundraising: @for_luca and on Facebook: forluca1. Also, you can purchase pin badges or wristbands to help out Luca. We send our best wishes and our positive thoughts to that little angel who’s a stronger fighter than most of us.

Take a moment, grab a marker and give a “Hands-Up for Luca.” Let’s make sure as many people as possible know about this little rock star. Tweet them your #HandsUpForLuca photo, and make sure to send it in to Sophie and Faye at fansforluca@yahoo.com.