Halo 4 Specialisations and Pre-Order Bonus

The UNSC Infinity is the largest starship in the UNSC fleet. It is your gateway to the “Halo” Infinity Multiplayer experience in “Halo 4” and serves as the center of your Spartan career. Here you’ll build your custom Spartan-IV super soldier, and progress your multiplayer career across the brand-new, episodic Spartan Ops campaign, and the multitude of competitive War Games modes.

Earn experience and unlock all-new Specializations in both War Games and Spartan Ops as you earn new ranks, and in addition, the “Halo 4” Limited Edition and “Halo 4” War Games Map Pass will provide even more opportunities to establish your legacy on the battlefield. 

Activate Specializations to Earn New Ranks and Deadly Equipment

With eight Specializations in “Halo 4,” you can achieve higher ranks in your Spartan career beyond level 50. As you level up through these dedicated paths, you will earn a bristling arsenal of combat-enhancing armor mods that provide even more options to customize your Spartan-IV to fit your preferred role on the battlefield.  In addition, armor sets, emblems, visor colors, weapon and armor skins unique to each Specialization distinguish your Spartan-IV from other players in “Halo” Infinity Multiplayer. The 8 Specializations are:

Wetworks: This grants users protection against the wall-penetrating Promethean Vision Armor Ability. You'll still show up on the HUD of a player using it, but you'll be a slightly more inconspicuous outline rather than a big red blur. Also, you'll get a bit of sound dampening when you sprint. Furthermore, the assassination animation will happen faster for you, leaving you vulnerable for a shorter duration of time. 

Pioneer: A good standby if you're looking to rank up fast - this Spec generates extra XP for any action you take while you've got it equipped. For Fast Track, you only get extra XP for the amount of time you were using it. You can’t just turn it on right at the end of a match and think you’re going to get extra XP for everything you did in a match.

Engineer: In Halo 4 multiplayer, weapon drops won’t be predictable. Rather, they’ll appear dynamically both in location and in content. As an Engineer, you'll be alerted to incoming weapon drops a couple of seconds ahead of other players, increasing the odds that you'll get their first. If you're close enough, the HUD will point the way with a GPS arrow.

Tracker: Alternative to the same situation the aforementioned Engineer faces, of course, is this: What if you truck halfway across the map only to discover a Covenant plasma rifle? When you get an ordinance drop, you get a choice of some grenades, a weapon, and a power-up. What the tracker allows you to do is essentially re-roll. So if the three choices that you have don’t suit your play style, you get a chance to re-roll and get an all-new selection.

Rogue: Basicall, its stability perk reduces scope movement while zoomed. In past Halo games, when you’d be zoomed in and take a shot, you’d be taken out of your zoom. Now it’s not necessarily the case. As you’re taking shots it allows you to keep your reticule more stable.

Stalker: A class for those who hold grudges. The Nemesis armor mod generates an icon of the last person who killed you, and also tracks those who've attacked you. It is also a spartan optimization for target shadowing missions which require tactical invisibility despite operating at an extremely close range to the target itself.

Pathfinder: Pathfinders enjoy the Gunner mod, which reduces the cool-down on vehicle weapon overheating and allows you to move faster when carrying a detached emplacement. It's a good class for the heavy gunners out there.

Operator: This one’s for all the vehicle lovers out there. In the past you’ve been able to use an EMP pulse to freeze a vehicle. This wheelman armor mod gives you a bit of a resistance against that. It won’t necessarily stop you in your tracks. This also allows you to recharge the health of a vehicle a little faster. It won’t be super fast, but if you can get out of harm’s way, you’re going to recharge the vehicle’s health faster than you would otherwise. You will also be rewarded for driving. Multiple armor mods of the same type do not stack. So if you fill a Warthog full of Operators, you won’t create an invincible ride.

Two Specializations – Wetwork and Pioneer – will be available to all players when “Halo 4” launches on November 6. The remaining six Specializations are available by pre-ordering exclusively at GameStop stores and online. The “Halo 4” Limited Edition (€79.99 ERP) also includes access to all eight Specializations.

All Specializations will gradually be made available to download through Xbox LIVE in the months following launch, giving fans a continuous supply of new multiplayer content to look forward to as they progress through their Spartan career. Stay tuned for additional announcements.

Following the initial announcement of the “Halo 4” Limited Edition, 343 Industries and Microsoft today announced the LE’s full suite of exclusive digital content. The “Halo 4” Limited Edition maximizes your multiplayer experience and puts you in the boots of a Spartan-IV aboard the UNSC Infinity – the hub of your “Halo” multiplayer career.  Available for €79.99 EMEA, the “Halo 4” Limited Edition includes:

  • ·         War Games Map Pack Access – The Limited Edition includes access to nine maps – three future competitive multiplayer map packs, each including three locations, available for download post-launch on Xbox LIVE.  (A detailed release schedule for the map packs will be announced at a later time)
  • ·         Specializations – Receive early access to six Specializations, available at launch on Xbox LIVE, to achieve higher ranks in your Spartan career. Purchasers of the “Halo 4” Limited Edition will get access on launch day, while others will have to wait as Specializations are released over time.

  • ·         UNSC Infinity Briefing Packet – Includes an armor customization schematic, a blueprint of the massive ship itself, and insight into what it means to be one of humanity’s finest warriors: the Spartan-IVs.
  • ·         *NEW* Exclusive digital content through Xbox LIVE:

o   Spartan-IV “Recruit” In-Game Armor

o   Spartan-IV “Prime” In-Game Armor Skin

o   Assault Rifle “Prime” In-Game Weapon Skin

o   “Prime” In-Game Emblem

o   Xbox LIVE Avatar “Recruit” Armor

o   Cryo-Tube Xbox LIVE Avatar Prop

  • ·         “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” Special Edition – An extended 90-minute version of the live-action digital series that will bring the “Halo” universe to life as you’ve never seen it, and provide an enthralling backstory leading up to the events of “Halo 4.”

o   “Halo 4” Limited Edition also includes the following bonus videos:

  • Bonus in-fiction content expanding the characters and stories of “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn”
  • Special Featurette: Bringing Gaming into Reality
  • Making of “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn”

Wage War on New, Exotic Battlefields and Save Money with the “Halo 4” War Games Map Pass*

Available for 2000 Microsoft Points on Nov. 6, the “Halo 4” War Games Map Pass is a standalone option that includes access to nine competitive multiplayer maps – three future War Games map packs, each including three maps – giving you a variety of new exotic battlegrounds post-launch.(A detailed release schedule for the map packs will be announced at a later time)

The “Halo 4” War Games Map Pass represents a discount of more than 15 percent versus purchasing the add-ons individually, and includes three in-game exclusives3  – the Spartan-IV “Scanner” and “Strider” helmets, and the “Falcon” in-game emblem.