Halo 4 DLC Release Dates Leaked

Reports have come in that the release dates for Halo 4’s DLC offerings may have been leaked on an Xbox 360 dashboard advertisement in Germany. We’re sure that some hardcore gamers might have played their way through the recently released Halo 4 and are probably dying to get their hands on the DLCs.

The first DLC will be made available come 10th December which will be the "Crimson Map Pack", while the second “Majestic Map Pack” will be available for download come 25th February 2013, while the last DLC, "Castle Map Pack", will be up for grabs come 1st of April (which we hope is not an April Fools’ joke!).

Now, it’s also important to note that these dates may be specific only to Europe, and may in fact be different in other parts of the world. Even still, chances are this is a good guide to when you might be able to expect the content to hit your console.

 All three of the map packs are part of the Halo 4 War Games Pass which is priced at 2,000 MS Points.