GTA V Release Date and New Screenshots

Amazon has emailed customers who’ve pre-ordered copies of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V with an actual specific release date. March 26, 2013. This suits the confirmed reports that Rockstar is releasing GTA V in Spring 2013. The estimated arrival date is listed as March 27, which accounts for the poster’s next-day shipping. The fact that it’s a Tuesday adds to its credibility as a release date, considering that’s the day that all US games come out. In Ireland, it will be the following Friday. 

We cannot confirm the date, as we are still awaiting a response from Rockstar. But when we know, you will! 

In other GTA V news, there have been a few new screenshots released by Rockstar that indicate a few interesting things about the game. There will be sharks, there are blimps and fighter jets (we already knew about jets from the trailers, but it's still exciting!) and there will be some sort of underwater diving vessle. Check out the gallery below to see some things that will blow your mind!