Google Launch Gigabit Internet

Well, I think it's time for Dorothy to return to Kansas. In its latest attempt to bring the future closer, Google is gearing up to launch its stuidpidly fast Fiber service, starting with a trial market in Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City. The service comes without monthly bandwidth caps or overages and paid plans come bundled with 1TB of Google Drive cloud storage.

Residents of the two cities have to pre-register for a US$10 fee. They have six weeks to rally their neighbors to sign up, and have to achieve a goal pre-set by Google. Residents of communities that don't meet the goal will be refunded the $10 fee.

The last few years have seen huge expansions in processor speed and storage capacity, Google proposes to multiply home internet connection speeds x100. “Fiber offers up to 1,000 Mb/sec download and upload,” Google’s “About” page explains. So just to be clear, that means users will be able to download (or upload) an HD movie in as little as 7 seconds. Google spokesperson Katelin Todhunter-Gerberg said:

"When we asked people what they value in their Internet service, the majority of them simply said choice, So users in Kansas City will choose where we install and when."

Google is offering three plans for pre-registration. Anyone who pays a one-time $300 fee (for what Google calls "construction", They can pay this fee in monthly installments of $25) can have US-average broadband speeds free, guaranteed for at least seven years.

The next step up is Gigabit Internet: Residents will get a gigabit-enabled network box with advanced WiFi and 1 TB of cloud storage on Google Drive. This will cost $70 a month, and Google will waive the $300 construction fee.

In addition to 1 GB access speeds, subscribers will get a TV package that carries hundreds of channels, including local favorites, and tens of thousands of shows on demand, in HD TV. They will also get a Nexus 7 tablet that they can use as their remote control. You read right. This package will cost $120 a month, and Google will waive the construction fee. Todhunter-Gerberg said:

"Having the connection will add value to homes and put our customers on the cutting edge of broadband technology and we're offering these services at a competitive price."

Subscribers to Google Fiber will have to sign a multi-year contract, Kansas City's Birch said.