God of War: Ascension Goes Digital


Aaron Kaufman, Community Strategist, Santa Monica Studio, has announced the digital and multiplayer updates for God of War: Ascension. Since the release of God of War: Ascension last March, there has been a lot of support for Multiplayer with a vast amount of DLC — from new weapons and maps, to a brutal 1v1 mode, a fan-driven cape contest, new marks, and more. Even the Gods could not have predicted the level of popularity and impassioned connection to our Multiplayer mode driven by the PlayStation Nation.

As of today, there will not be any more DLC content (maps, weapons, armors, marks) for God of War: Ascension Multiplayer. However, Aaron confirmed that this is not the end of support for God of War: Ascension Multiplayer. Here’s what’s going down:

  • Upcoming Balance Update – The Designers have plowed through mountains of gameplay feedback and are currently working on balance improvements that will tune-up all the Allegiances. They are aiming for this balance update to release later this month. Rest assured, things like the Ares Olympus Armor -20 (PR) is being heavily diagnosed.
  • Dedicated Online Support – They will be monitoring online 24/7 and any new major balance exploits discovered in the weeks or months ahead, they will assess for fixing.
  • PSN Digital Release in October – This month, they will be releasing the digital download version of God of War: Ascension to the masses that have yet to experience the beginning of Kratos’ journey and the Ascension Multiplayer. The digital version will be released on October 15 for North America, with other regions to follow soon after. 
  • All DLC items will receive special pricing options upon digital version release in their region (NA pricing options released on October 22, 2013).
  • The God of War: Ascension Soundtrack will be made available as a free download for all on PSN for a limited time only.
  • Double XP Weekend returns October 18 to October 21 worldwide.

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