Gears of War: Judgment Demo Release Date

A Gears of War: Judgment demo, featuring the new multiplayer mode "OverRun", will be released for Xbox 360 worldwide on March 19th, Microsoft has announced.

The demo will be available for everyone when “Judgment” is released on March 19th, but those who pre-order through GameStop can start playing as early as Saturday, the 16th. Any experience points earned will be carried over into the main game, if the player buys a retail copy in the game’s first week of launch.

Available to all Xbox LIVE Gold members, the OverRun demo gives players the chance to sample the all-new mode. Gears of War: Judgment is an Xbox 360 exclusive and requires and a Gold membership and 2GB of storage space to download OverRun. OverRun is the new class-based competitive mode for Gears of War, where 5 player teams battle for objectives in a mode, which has been compared to League of Legends.