Fallout 4 Confirmed at E3

Easily one of the most highly anticipated announcements from E3, Fallout 4 has finally come to light. 

The attention to detail in this game is incredible. Beyond the intense character customisation, the game has also got over 1,000 pre-recorded names. If you type in one of these names, people in the real world will be able to refer to you by name, and not just by "vault hunter".

The world is vast and open, you will be able to interact with and use almost everything that you see. There’s also a brand new and improved system for commanding fellow companions, including your dog. For example you can ask your dog to go and retrieve an item simply by looking at it and giving the command to the dog.

Your character is fully voiced, and you will of course have the freedom to play as a male or a female. You will be able to completely customize the character to your liking with the new character customization system. Which allows you to easily customize any part of your character’s face by simply clicking on it and adjusting, without the use of any menus. 

The game looks incredibly gorgeous. The improved visuals are mainly thanks to a next generation version of Bethesda’s Creation Engine which they debuted with Skyrim. The updated version has entirely new lighting and shading systems as well as a brand new physics engine.


One of the major features which Todd Howard, Fallout 4 game director, has revealed is the brand new crafting and building system in the game. Players can craft a huge variety of items and build entire settlements which you will need to power with generators and defend. You will be able to build defenses and ally with NPCs to fence off raiders who can and will attack your beloved settlement.

The crafting system relies on you taking and using objects from the environment as well as gathering resources which you will use to build settlements and buildings, craft items, weapon parts and attachments as well as customize and work on your armor.

Customization and crafting is a cornerstone of Fallout 4. You will be able to customize over 50 types of weapons with over 700 available modifications. You will also be able to customize and tweak your very own full set of power armor and even augment it with jetpacks! You will also be able to ride in and travel the wasteland using vehicles and use your very own Vertibird, which is equipped with minigun.

The date is set! Fallout 4 releases globally on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on Tuesday, November 10th! You can check out a screenshot gallery below, and the 9 minute presentation below that. There are also first looks at the crafting system in the game, too.