Elder Scrolls Online Beta Begins

Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Online Studios made a very large announcement today regarding their upcoming MMO ‘The Elder Scrolls: Online’. Interested fans can get a chance to test the game early if they are chosen to become participants in the upcoming beta.
If you are interested in joining the beta featuring the popular lore of ‘The Elder Scrolls’ then you have to go to this website and register to become a participant. If you are selected to become a tester then you will granted early access to “beta test the game” according to Bethesda who released a press-statement earlier this morning. Bethesda also stated that, “timing and details of the start of play tests will be provided at a later date to those who register”. Matt Firor, Game Director of Elder Scrolls Online, said:

“We’re really excited to get the game into players’ hands. We receive invaluable feedback through the beta process, and that helps us ensure that the game will be one of the best online gaming experiences ever offered — one worthy of The Elder Scrolls franchise.”

The sign-up process is a bit more complex than just applying. A lot of extra information is requested, ranging from previous Elder Scrolls games you've played, preferred online gaming activities, DxDiag profile and more. It's all optional, but the site warns that filling everything out will significantly increase your chances of being chosen for the beta.

It might be a while before we get that chance to check this game out as the beta is still undated, and the game is only set for a vague "2013" release.