Earn Microsoft Points Playing Halo 4

Microsoft has unveiled its Halo 4 Combat Tour Offer which pays gamers in Microsoft Points for playing multiplayer Halo 4. Players can start earning points once they once they hit 35 hours of multiplayer action. For that players will recieve 100 Microsoft Points. 300 Microsoft Points go to players who put in over 70 hours of gameplay, and players who reach 140 hours get 600 Microsoft Points.

Microsoft is giving Microsoft Points to gamers who spend tons of money on Halo 4 content in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Players who spend 1,500 Microsoft Points on Halo 4 content will receive 100 Microsoft Points back, and those who spend 3,000 Microsoft Points will receive 200 Microsoft Points.

The offer is only good until the end of November, so players will have to play just over 5 hours a day to reap the full rewards. However, the offer also cryptically states that player can “get up to 800″ Microsoft Points, suggesting that the deal is capped anyway. This really contradicts the numbers, which suggest that players who play for 140 hours should receive 1000 Microsoft Points.