EA Origin Launches Alpha Build on Mac

Origin is on its way to Mac. Electronic Arts has announced that a limited alpha version of the virtual marketplace is now available to download for users in North America and the United Kingdom. Origin for Mac will be launching soon, and starting today you can take a look at it before it's official release (UK fans click here). This open alpha will only be available to a few thousand users in North America and the United Kingdom, so you can download your copy of our new Mac client (alpha build) today.  

Origin for Mac is aiming to rival its Windows counterpart in terms of services and functionality, including cloud storage, auto-patching, and friends list support. However, the Origin Store is missing from the alpha trial, as are Twitch streaming options.

In order to make sure you can get the most out of this alpha trial, They've added a free copy of PopCap’s smash hit puzzle game, Bookworm, to your My Games library. This game is yours to download and keep, on EA. 

The full Origin for Mac client will launch "soon," according to EA.