EA Live Q&A: Origin 9.0 and Beyond

Origin has seen a number of changes in the last few months. May’s update lightened the client’s CPU load, August’s update brought a revised UI and menu system, and to top it all off, they also announced plans for an Origin Mac client and a brand new set of social features during last week’s gamescom press conference. They released the following statement:

"At this point, we’re sure you have some questions: about what has changed, where Origin is going, and when you’ll start to see some of the social features we’ve talked about. That’s why the Origin team is opening up the floor for a live Q&A this Thursday, August 23. Beginning at 10:00 a.m. PT (5:00 p.m. UTC), Origin Creative Director Robert Kissinger and Product Manager Mike Lewis will be joining Senior Community Manager J Goldberg on camera to discuss the 9.0 update and this year’s gamescom announcements. They’ll also be taking questions from the Origin community; be sure to show up if you’d like to submit yours."

The Origin Q&A is open to everyone. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can go the official Origin live chat page to set up a reminder now. If you don’t need one (or you’ve already put it on your calendar), just set a bookmark and return at 10:00 a.m. PT on August 23.