DOTA 2 passes 100 million matches

Valve has said it has tracked DotA 2 at over 3 million unique monthly players. That insane figure has been reached despite the game still being in beta form. With over 100 million matches having been played, Valve released this statement:

"With over 3 million unique players every month, the Dota 2 community is blossoming into a beautiful flower"

Don't forget, that's one hundred million games of something that's still in closed beta, a game that hasn't been officially released yet. That said, there are so many "gift" copies of Dota bouncing around that you'd probably have a tougher time not getting the game. Jay is seriously still struggling to give his away, with the 8 free copies he randomly got yesterday. The huge success of the DotA 2 beta was accredited with playing a huge role in helping Steam to hit a new milestone recently, when it logged over six million concurrent users. 

In other DOTA 2 news, an update is available with an interesting new feature, Least Played Mode. This option dumps you into the most unpopular kinds of games, which should mean you end up trying new things and learning new skills – as well as helping to tip the balance so other modes end up highlighted eventually.