Diablo III + Starcraft II DLC Announced


Being a PC exclusive hasn't slowed down Diablo III. It has already sold 10 million copies in the U.S. and Europe, since its launch this May. According to Activision Blizzard that makes it the year’s best-selling game on the PC in the West, in terms of both units sold and revenues, which is insanely impressive. The first new entry in the action role-playing series in over a decade, Dibalo III endured some famously difficult launch problems but gained a generally positive critical response.  

All this news came during a presentation to investors as Activision Blizzard revealed its third quarter financial results. Although the summer is a quiet time for new console releases, Blizzard’s PC games helped the parent company’s revenues exceed both their expectations and last year’s results, at $841 million. WHOA.

The most interesting part of Blizzard’s presentation though was the admission that they’re working on both a Diablo III expansion and a MOBA game in the vein of Dota and League Of Legends – but featuring characters from multiple different Blizzard franchises. There was no information or date for the Diablo III expansion, although previous leaks have suggested an early summer 2013 release. Blizzard has repeatedly hinted at a console version of Diablo III, but they still haven’t confirmed it will really happen. When Diablo III was announced, it was originally announced for Xbox as well as PC/Mac. Blizzard’s Mike Morhaime said:

"Some internal testing is under way. We're doing a lot of things to experiment with game play, and I don't really have anything concrete to announce on this call, other than we're very excited about the game."

The developer is also known to be working on a massively multiplayer successor to World Of Warcraft, codenamed Titan, thought to be due at the end of 2014. The second Starcraft II game – subtitled Heart Of The Swarm and focusing on the Zerg – is also well underway, but was recently delayed until late 2013.