Destiny: The Taken King - Is It Worth The Cost?

I have taken some time and written down all the information about what is actually available for the base game, and each piece of DLC. This list below will summaries everything in to an easy to read list. 

So, for those wondering if The Taken King is worth your dime, here's the breakdown of the last few DLC compared to the upcoming DLC, just for good measure. 

Destiny (Base Game)- New Missions: 22
- New Strikes: 6
- New Public Events: 7
- New Patrols: 4
- New Raids: 1
- New PvP Maps: 11

The Dark Below
- New Missions: 3
- New Strikes: 2
- New Public Events: 0
- New Patrols: 0
- New Raids: 1
- New PvP Maps: 3

House of Wolves
- New Missions: 3
- New Strikes: 1
- New Public Events: 0
- New Patrols: 0
- New Raids: 0 (Prison of Elder's came, Instead)
- New PvP Maps: 4

The Taken King 
- New Missions: 12
- New Strikes: 4
- New Public Events: 1
- New Patrols: 1
- New Raids: 1
- New PvP Maps: 6

So, after looking at this list, what do you think? Anybody think TTK is worth €40? The first two DLC's together were €25 (or €30 if bought separately.) It is a lot of money, but it clearly has a lot of content. Destiny is known to have a huge amount of hours put in to their games, but most of that is through the repetitive nature of the game. 

If you purchased the game and each piece of DLC together it would cost you €70 for the base game, €20 for The Dark Below, €20 for House of Wolves and €40 for The Taken King. If you upgrade to the collectors edition you would also add another €20 to that. Total: €170. Considering the game time put in to Destiny, is it actually worth the cost? If Destiny was released a few years from now when there were more choices for games to play on consoles, would Destiny be able to get away with charging this much?

To help us figure out what the public think, feel free to take part in the poll below. If you feel like you have more to say, take the comments section and let your voice be heard. 

Is The Taken King Worth It?
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