Destiny: The Dark Below Expansion and Next Iron Banner Dated

Activision has released the launch trailer for Destiny’s upcoming expansion, "The Dark Below"

The Dark Below is set to release on December 9th.

Expand your Destiny adventure with new weapons, armor, and gear, and increase your light level in The Dark Below. Play through new story missions, dominate in three new PvP Crucible arenas, or join friends to take on co-op challenges — including a new Strike and brand-new six-player Raid.
— Bungie

Iron Banner is going to come back to Destiny a week after "The Dark Below" expansion launches as the first instalment in the Destiny Expansion Pass. Lord Saladin will be back in the Tower on December 16th, resetting Event Standings like a new season.

Winners can earn level 31 inventory. The Dark Below is not required to take part in Iron Banner upon its return. The Iron Lords shall return. They will welcome all challengers. All of the recently released changes with the latest updates will also be implemented.

The Dark Below launches December 9th and the Iron Banner returns on December 16th.