Destiny Premiered at E3


Destiny, the new game from Bungie (Halo) has debuted its first gameplay trailer.

Launched after Sony's press conference at E3, the nearly three-minute-long trailer provides details about Destiny's plot. The game revolves around a huge, mysterious sphere called "The Traveler" that protects the last city on Earth, after all of its colonies have fallen prey to an alien enemy. Wielding The Traveler's power, users play as one of the guardians of the last city. They are tasked with exploring and destroying threatening forces. Check out that trailer and the I will explain more about the game itself.

Destiny is a first-person shooter with MMO elements in which the player can choose one of three classes: Hunter, Warlock or Titan. The gameplay offers a co-op mode, while fighting is a combination of shooting and melee attacks reminiscent of Halo.

The demo began just outside of the massive city walls that house the last great human civilisation. Bungie luminaries Jason Jones and Joe Staten quickly moved underground, showing off the game's impressive lighting tech, as well as multiple new weapons including a futuristic assault rifle and pistol. The duo also weren't shy about showing off Halo-style melee attacks.

 Destiny will available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2014. Check out the gameplay trailer below and, as always, leave your thoughts in the comments section below!